Thesaurus term web services

Several web services provide information from the USGS Thesaurus and related controlled vocabularies in JSONP format. These services enable web pages to obtain detailed information about thesaurus terms for use in dynamic web interfaces. An example web page making use of these services is at

Services available

Thesaurus Info
Provides a list of thesauri available through these services, with detailed information about each thesaurus.
Term Search
Supports the jQuery autocomplete function, returning an array of objects describing thesaurus terms that begin with, end with, or contain the given text. The match is not case sensitive.
Term Details
Provides detailed information about a given thesaurus term, which may be specified by its unique identifier or by the text of its descriptor. If a text is given as input and the text matches a USE-WITH term, the result will be an array describing the two descriptors to which the USE-WITH term applies.
Term Like
Given a short text, find the thesaurus terms that begin with, end with, or contain that text.
Search Pattern
Provides a text search pattern for a given thesaurus term.