Search pattern

Provides a text search pattern for a given thesaurus term.

Service URL
text Descriptor text, if code is not given. Thesauri will be searched using this text, and the information returned will reflect that associated with the descriptor matched, if the given text matches a non-preferred term.
thcode Thesaurus identifier (numeric)
code Unique identifier of the descriptor within the given thesaurus
thalso Thesaurus identifier (numeric) for the term identified using also
also Unique identifier of a second descriptor within the thesaurus identified using thalso, if that is specified, or thcode if thalso is not specified
Output An object containing information about the descriptor and texts that may be used as the pattern for searching.
thcode Thesaurus identifier
term Array of term objects specifying the term or terms, each element containing:
code Unique identifier for this term
name Descriptor text for this term
parent Unique identifier of the parent of this term
scope Scope note for the term
customized A customized search pattern developed by the USGS Web Re-Engineering Team staff, if a custom search pattern has been developed for this term.
default A search pattern composed from the descriptor text, the non-preferred terms, all of the narrower terms, and their non-preferred terms.


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