Term search

Supports the jQuery autocomplete function, returning an array of objects describing thesaurus terms that begin with, end with, or contain the given text. The match is not case sensitive.

Service URL https://apps.usgs.gov/thesaurus/term-search.php
thcode Thesaurus identifier; if not specified, the USGS Thesaurus will be used. If specified as "any", the search will be carried out on all available thesauri.
term Fragment of text to match candidate terms
callback Name of a function in which to wrap the results, to support JSONP
rel Relationship used to match the given term fragment to the thesaurus terms. All comparisons ignore letter case.
word (default) Text matches the beginning of any word in the thesaurus term
begins Text matches the beginning of a thesaurus term
contains Text occurs anywhere in a thesaurus term
ends Text matches the end of a thesaurus term
exact Text matches the thesaurus term exactly
uf Set to zero to exclude non-preferred terms from the results
Output An array of objects, each containing the following members:
thcode Unique identifier for the thesaurus (same as input thcode value)
code Unique identifier for a term within the thesaurus
label Text matching the input string, may be the non-preferred term
value Descriptor text of the matched thesaurus term

Special cases

  1. If no term is given, the service returns an empty array: https://apps.usgs.gov/thesaurus/term-search.php
  2. If a percent sign is specified as the term, the service returns all of the terms in the given thesaurus alphabetically: https://apps.usgs.gov/thesaurus/term-search.php?thcode=2&term=%


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