Thesaurus info

Provides a list of thesauri available through these services, with detailed information about each thesaurus.

Service URL
thcode Thesaurus identifier (numeric). Optional; if neither this nor a thesaurus name is specified, information about all thesauri are reported.
thname Thesaurus name. The name is matched, without case sensitivity, with the preferred or alternative names of thesauri known to the service database. Optional; if neither this nor a thesaurus identifier code is specified, information about all thesauri are reported.
Output An object containing information about the thesaurus, if thcode was specified, otherwise an array of such objects, one per thesaurus.
thcodeThesaurus identifier
nameName of the thesaurus
scopeA short statement indicating the type of information the thesaurus is intended to express, or expected uses of the thesaurus
creatorOrganization or person responsible for creating the thesaurus
rightsCopyright statement, if any, or other text indicating legal restrictions on access or use
editionThesaurus edition or version number
dateDate thesaurus was last modified
codetypeType of term identifiers (alpha indicates characters, number indicates numbers)
prefixShort identifier for this thesaurus for use in RDF
uriComplete identifier for this thesaurus to be used in RDF
tblnameDatabase table containing preferred terms and scope notes
nonprefDatabase table containing non-preferred terms
reltermDatabase table containing non-hierarchical term relationships
root_codeUnique identifier of the root node of the thesaurus
category Array of term objects specifying the term or terms, each element containing: 
code Unique identifier for this term
name Descriptor text for this term
parent Unique identifier of the parent of this term
scope Scope note for the term
altlabel Alternative names for this thesaurus; these may match texts given in a CSDGM geospatial metadata field like *_Keyword_Thesaurus
contact Email address of the point of contact for this thesaurus; if only a name is given, assume


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