Greater Sage Grouse Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography of scientific research on
Greater Sage-grouse published since January 2015

February 14, 2018

Greater Sage-grouse The Greater Sage-grouse annotated bibliography was developed as a synthesis of scientific information developed since the records of decision were completed for 2015 Bureau of Land Management/U.S. Department of Agriculture plan amendments for Greater Sage-grouse. This site provides summaries of the scientific literature to help understand the potential management implications of this information for the Bureau of Land Management and other Department of Interior, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and State partners.

The Greater Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus; hereafter GRSG) has been a focus of scientific investigation and management action for the past two decades. The 2015 US Fish and Wildlife Service listing determination of ‘not warranted’ was in part due to a large-scale collaborative effort to develop strategies to conserve GRSG populations and their habitat and to reduce threats to both. New scientific information augments existing knowledge and can help inform updates or modifications to existing plans for managing GRSG and sagebrush ecosystems. However, the sheer number of scientific publications can be a challenge for managers tasked with evaluating and determining the need for potential updates to existing planning documents. To assist in this process, the US Geological Survey has reviewed and summarized the scientific literature published since January 1, 2015.

The final search was conducted on January 25, 2018, and application of our criteria resulted in the inclusion of 169 published products (two of these products were published corrections to journal articles). The management topics most commonly addressed were GRSG behavior or demographics, and GRSG habitat selection or habitat characteristics at broad or site scales. Few products addressed captive breeding, recreation, wild horses and burros, and range management structures (including fences). We include in this annotated bibliography the full citation, product summary, and management topics addressed by each product. The online version of this bibliography is searchable by topic and location, and includes links to all original publications.

A substantial body of literature has been compiled based on research explicitly related to the conservation, management, monitoring, and assessment of GRSG. These studies may inform planning and management actions that seek to balance conservation, economic, and social objectives and manage diverse resource uses and values across the western US.

To download a PDF of this annotated bibliography, click here.

To download a PDF of the associated USGS report, Greater Sage-Grouse Science (2015–17)—Synthesis and Potential Management Implications, click here.