Greater Sage Grouse Annotated Bibliography


Results and Conclusions

       The initial literature search produced 996 products that recognized "greater sage-grouse" in the title, keywords, abstract, or manuscript text. Applying our additional criteria to remove duplicates, non-peer-reviewed products, and articles/reports that did not represent original, complete studies on GRSG resulted in a final list of 163 journal articles and formal technical reports focused on GRSG research for inclusion in this document. Additional articles added in follow-up searches brought the final total to 169 products addressed in this document (2 of these products are published corrections to journal articles). Most products (89 percent) address multiple management topics (table 3). For each product, we include the full citation, summary, and key management topics it addresses. The online version of this bibliography ( is searchable by topic and location and includes links to all original publications.

Table 3. Number of products addressing each management topic.

Management topic Number of products that address topic
Behavior or demographics80
Population estimates or targets27
Captive breeding2
Broad-scale habitat characteristics67
Site-scale habitat characteristics57
Habitat selection51
Habitat restoration or reclamation31
New geospatial data51
Human dimensions or economics12
Effect distances or spatial scale42
Predators or predator control16
Fire or fuel breaks20
Nonnative invasive plants17
Sagebrush removal7
Conifer expansion29
Wild horses and burros2
Other range management structures1
Energy development26
Ex-urban development9
Agricultural conversion18
Weather and climate36

       A substantial body of literature has been compiled based on research explicitly related to the conservation, management, monitoring, and assessment of GRSG. These studies may inform planning and management actions that seek to balance conservation, economic, and social objectives and manage diverse resource uses and values across the western United States.

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